Designer, lettering artist and illustrator since 2014. Born in Medellín Colombia, studied Visual Communication Design at the Javeriana University of Cali where I am also teacher. My work is characterized by generating images from the union between typography and illustration, with a focus on visual communication for branding and editorial design projects, it is the letter as an image.
Winner of a Clap Platinum Award in 2020, winner of the Young Talent at the Latin American Design Festival 2019 as speaker, winner of the first Illustration Salon of Bacánika magazine in 2014 and selected among the 78 projects of the sixth and seventh Latin American Typography Biennial - TiposLatinos 2014 and 2016, respectively;. Teacher at DOMESTIKA, the world’s largest network of Spanish-speaking creatives with my course on “Digital Lettering for a Visual Identity”.
My work has been featured in publications in France, the United States, Colombia, China, India, England, Spain and Canada, in addition to having worked for clients in Colombia, United States, England, France, Iran, Brazil, Australia, England and Argentina in the textile, book, magazine, liquor and music industry.
Featured Clients

Renault | Asus | Deezer | Dislicores | Industria Licorera de Caldas | Alimentos Toning SA | Porcival | Grupo Carval | Cervejas Premium do Brasil Ltda | Universidad Javeriana | Bacánika | Colegio Gimnasio La Colina


Students Design Festival, ICESI University
Colombia, 2021

Linz, Austria. Julio 2019
“Esas cosas que llamamos letras”

Latin American Design Festival 
Lima, Perú. Mar 2019

“Esas cosas que llamamos letras”
Designs Meet Up. Yuxi Global
Medellín, Oct 2018
“Esas cosas que llamamos letras”
4° Congreso de diseño gráfico.
Universidad de investigación y desarrollo (UDI).
Bucaramanga, Oct 2019

“La Letra Como Imagen”
Escuela de Diseño Tecnológica.
Medellín, Jun 2017

“Diseño de Letras”
Tipos Latinos Bogotá, CasaTinta
Bogotá, Sept 2016

“Mutágeno Littera”
Tipos Latinos Popayán, Universidad del Cauca.
Popayán, Sept 2015


Clap Platinum 2020
Best Advertising Campaign Illustration
Young Talent
Bacánika Visual Saloon 2019
Best illustration award



Salón Visual Revista Bacánika 2018, 2017, 2015.

Tipos Latinos 2016 
(Séptima Bienal de Tipografía Latinoamericana)
Más de 31 países

Tipos Latinos 2014 
(Sexta Bienal de Tipografía Latinoamericana)
Más de 31 países, incluyendo.

Typoday 2016
(University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
Bangalore, India

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