Branding and packaging development for Zanara, a new product launched in 2020 by Toning SA, a company dedicated for more than 40 years to integral, healthy and nutritious cereal-based food from Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Zanara is a fresh, simple, healthy and natural food line which provides practicality in everyday life feeding with a complete diet, high protein content, without preservatives, additives or sugars, for individuals, athletes, families, children and young people. It was born as a launching project in the middle of a great commercial diversication plan of the company as the first product with its own identity within this new brand architecture.

We created a brand that, at first glance, looked neutral to harmonize with the other products of the company and compete with products from other brands. I tried to keep it fresh, with a natural mood that focuses on the product´s esentials with Illustrations and letters shapes drawn by hand emulating the woodcut etching for a kind and very close identity for the audience.

Photography: Andrés Araújo

Thanks for watching and appreciating.


Simón Londoño Sierra.
Typography | Illustration | Design

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