La Clásica - Colombian Jolgorio

La Clásica is a restaurant located in Cali, Colombia, that aims to revive local street food in an environment adapted to new generations. This concept is complemented with powerful cocktails, sugary frappés, and a Latin and reggaeton musical atmosphere to promote cultural revelry and social union.

The concept of our brand includes visual and verbal communication based on Colombian popular culture, using typical phrases and graphic elements inspired by intermunicipal buses. The jaguar is the characteristic element of our brand typical of the Andes mountains and the Amazon rainforests, with the logotype designed using a custom script lettering that honors the brush lettering signpainters from the Colombian Caribbean coast.

The challenge was to combine three elements: traditional Colombian street food, local youth culture, and the tradition of Colombian popular culture. We achieved this balance using vibrant colors, distinctive elements of the popular graphic of Colombian intermunicipal buses, the jaguar from the Andes as an identifier, and decorative and heavy script letters inspired in colombian sign paintings.

In terms of phrases, we use a rhetoric that seems as if reggaeton songs were singing to Colombian fried food. In a context of emerging cultures, our approach is to constantly rescue the tradition of our ancestors in today's youth, using a contemporary and urban language, characteristic of the outstanding artists in Latin pop music.


Lead Designer and Director: Simón Londoño
Graphic Design: Anndy Rengifo, Angie Ayala
Lettering: María José Pachón, Simón Londoño
Copywriting: Daniela Díaz
Interior Design: Alex Reyes (Opal Arquitectura Interior)
Photography: Andrés Araújo


Brand Identity / Lettering for logo / Symbol / Copywriting / Stationery Design / Packaging / Archigraphy

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