Incipiens And Mortem
Orbi Pt. I & Pt. II

Band: Heloise

A progressive metal and Djent band from Colombia is part of a new generation of independent musicians who combine strong music with classical values, using synthetic and digital instruments. Their reflective and philosophical lyrics address scientific and spiritual theories, featuring prodigious guitars, extreme distortions, guttural and melodic vocals, and technical and fast drums.

In 2020, they wrote their most recent album during lockdown, which had releases problems due to lineup and label changes, and the lack of musical events in those years. I designed and illustrated the covers of this dual album, ORBIS part I and II, about life (Incipiens) and death (Mortem).

I created two illustrations and typographic headers based on digital modular lettering to represent the duality. The gazes of the women in the illustrations, the typographic contrast, and the background color moved away from cosmic clichés to create simple and silent covers. The band shared the concept that the universe is within the human psyche, not in outer space, as the basis of their dual album.

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