To launch its new model of the year Renault Kwid, Renault Colombia decided to communicate its essential attibutes  inviting by inviting three leading creatives, from different cities of the country, to live a whole day touring the city in the new Renault KWID.
By meeting the most attractive cultural and commercial places in each one for then representate it in a shoking illustrative poster for commercial deployment throughout the main cities of the country in printed ads and digital media chanels like Instagram and YouTube. In my case, I toured the city of Cali.

Once I had this experience, I decided to base the artwork in figurative elements taken from it, illustrating them and making them coexist around drawn letters (lettering) that were integrated in an organic and natural way to the remaining visual elements that made up the complete image, achieving a striking mix between them, drawing letters as figurative objects in themselves, being built from shoelaces, made from a splash of liquids from drinks and built in total volumetry to represent metal types. Finally used elements such as salsa music, refreshing drinks, walking on the asphalt and inspiration in the metal type found in the classic printers of the city.

Client: Renault Colombia​​​​​​​
Campaign: "Recorre Tu Camino con KWID"
Creative Director: Juan Carlos Afanador
Art Direction: Juan Camilo Corredor
Illustration: Simón Londoño

In a time when going out to public spaces ceased in many cases, the brand decided, from a funny, shocking and close image, to take a risk and invite people to get to know the city, to visit and live it from the security that your vehicle cand lend you, leveraging global public health circumstances to its advantage and reversing what might initially appear to be a problem. Other creatives invited for the campaign: Deimos, Kropsiland

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