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The brand specializes in modern pastry with French and Italian influences. It stands out for its limited focus, high-quality ingredients, and techniques based on 19th-century European pastry. Its name is inspired by the 

The wordmark is inspired by Tuscan lettering of that time. Custom lettershapes were created for the brand, which function as a modular system to create secondary graphic resources, such as monograms and icons. These abstractly represent the shapes of the brand's products (cakes) and compose visual patterns inspired in the French Victorian style. The colors are inspired by Western Europe cultura: wine, olives, ingredients, and landscapes around the pastry tradition.

The founder of modern pastry, Marie-Antoine Carême, used architectural principles in his dessert designs. Centuries later, his legacy is kept alive in Colombia through these young entrepreneurs who seek to revive this culinary style in thei country.


Lead Designer and Director: Simón Londoño
Design: Anndy Rengifo
Product Photography: Manuel Lenis
Copywrittgin: Daniela Díaz


Naming, visual identity, lettering for logo, packaging and stationery design


Inspired by the French word 'Vol-au-vent,' which refers to a hollow case of puff pastry in modern baking, our brand name 'Del Viento' was born. This term was coined by Marie-Antoine Carême to describe the lightness of this pastry.

'Vol-au-vent' literally translates to 'windblown,' so we named the brand 'Del Viento' or 'From the Wind' in english. The name signifies that our products, like the pastry, are born from the wind and modern baking techniques.

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