La Cuarta Pared
Barrio San Antonio, Cali Colombia

Lettering for logotype, illustrations, monograms and graphic desigd for LCP, restaurant dedicated to create Pacific Colombian food, with influences in traditional plates from Valle Del Cauca, Colombian region, with soft touches of Italians trattorias. A  cuisine with a strong identity: mixture of tropical fruits, pacific seafood, valley vegetables and elegants plating.

I wanted to maintain the logotype in a retro mood, monogram in a classy mood, detailed illustrations, classic paintings that references abundance, and old letter textures kind of writen by your grandmother to her far lover. Elegant and also funny identity, strong but delicate personality and a very classic but young at the same time visual tone.

Client: Juan C. Perdomo - La Cuarta Pared
Interior Design: Opal Arquitectura
Branding, lettering, illustrations, copywriting & graphic design.
Special thanks to my dear friend Anndy Rengifo for the help and effort painting the interior murals in the place.

Please enjoy.

Thanks for watching and appreciating.


Simón Londoño Sierra.
Typography | Illustration | Design

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