CERDECERÍA - The Legacy Of The Pig

Brand IDentity for "The Pig Experience", a project by Porcival SA, a traditional Colombian pig farming company, which gives birth to Cerdecería, a brand of meat products and gastronomic services, whose goal is to exalt pork in their region.

Based in Cali, Colombia, they operate from their experience center, which houses their Fama (a butcher shop for the sale of their products), a restaurant with a monthly changing menu to showcase the delights that can be achieved with these meat products, gastronomic development services for the hospitality sector, and their retail products for mass sale on large commercial platforms.

Cerdecería's main objective is to promote conscious consumption of pork in the habits and culture of Colombians. This is achieved through teaching how to use their more than 30 cuts of meat and with a disruptive personality that seeks to revolutionize their market. For the brand identity, a visual identity was created that represents the legacy of the countryside, honoring the farmers with a heraldic language that illustrates their main concept: "exalt the pig". This concept embodies the company's mission. As the brand aims to be a market leader, we've chosen a color that uniquely distinguishes it. In a sector where similar products are associated with magenta and pink, this brand will stand out with its fluorescent green color.

For the graphic system, I drew inspiration from woodcut or wood engraving illustrations to evoke a sense of tradition and the countryside. The main symbol features a farmer looking towards the horizon with hope, reminiscent of the 'Horizontes' oil painting series by Colombian artist Francisco Antonio Cano. The logo's letters were custom hand-drawn, taking inspiration from the edges of tools used in butchery.

For years, pork in Colombia was viewed as a low-quality product, ranking below beef and even thought to be dangerous due to genetic modifications and substandard feeding and conservation practices. The brand aims to turn consumers into informed pork buyers by showcasing its field processes, emphasizing its nutritional properties and care methods, along with good slaughter practices and natural feeding. All of this is presented under a brand that sets a trend in the regional market.


Copywriting: Daniela Díaz
Animation: Juan Diego Zamora (Polifonía Studio)
Interior Design: Alex Reyes (Opal Arquitectos)
Photography: Andrés Araújo

Client: Porcival SA, Colombia


Brand Identity / Lettering / Illustration / Packaging / Stationery / Archigraphy

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